Web Applications Developer/Front End Developer, Tampa Bay Area, FL


Welcome to my website. I have created this site to serve as a place where potential employers can find information about me and what I do. Here you will be able to access my resume and portfolio as well as my contact information (hopefully you will use that last one).

I like to experiment with the design of my site. It's mine and I feel that it is very important as a developer to have a place that I experiment with different layouts and techniques. Come back 6 months from now and it may look completely different. I might make a holiday theme and run that, I might decide I want work with with white space and run with that for a while, making my website look like a box of old-school "No Frills" cereal. If you hire me, will I design your site in nontraditional ways? If that's what you want, then that is what I will give you. If not, then I can do traditional as well.

Every graphic and most of the images that you see on this web site have been made from scratch, specifically for the purpose of creating this site and enhancing your experience while giving you a small taste of what I can do. For this purpose; this site is a bit graphics heavy. This is not necessarily the type of site I would create for a client, but for this site I wanted something that was going to grab your attention and hold it. I hope you enjoy it.

Please understand that, especially lately, I work a lot and it has become increasingly difficult to keep this site up to date. Between my regular work, being a family man and my regular word duties, I am spread pretty thin. You can view my resume or download it if you wish to save yourself some time.