Web Design and Development Porfolio

Web Design and Development Porfolio

Web Design & Development

Here you will finds sites that I built or contributed to.

Aesthetic Oral Arts - For Progressive Dental
This is a site for a dentist that was done while I was working for Progressive Dental.
Van Scoyoc Periodontics and Implants - For Progressive Dental
This is a site for a dentist that was done while I was working for Progressive Dental. It was built on a theme that I developed for Progressive Dental Marketing, based on Bootstrap 3.
Carey Leisure & Neal
This site was sub contracted to me by A2B Motion. The design was done by Richard Smotherman. It is a Wordpress based site. The frontend is coded with BootStrap 3.
Cirrus TMS Logistics Management Software Website
This site was designed by the Creative Director and coded by myself using ASP.NET/C# and JQuery in Visual Studio 2010. This site was developed to promote the Cirrus TMS Freight Management Software; a web application that I also spent the last year and 3 months working on with an excellent team of talented developers. This site not only represents the work that I did on it, but the work that I did on the TMS application.
ULG Logistics Inc.
Another WordPress site with a custom word press theme. This one took about 4 weeks to complete including client feedback and approvals.
Acoustimac, LLC
This site is a Magento/Wordpress Hybrid system with tons of back end and front end customizations. I built this site from the ground up.
Gina Marie Refrigerator Doors
This website is currently a hard-coded site. This site was done in DHTML and CSS with a simple PHP contact form. I will be moving this site to Wordpress in the coming weeks.
Majestic Mechanical
This website has just recently been moved over to Wordpress. The theme is completely custom. I am still working on the SEO on this one as well as a gallery and some more changes to come.

Email Marketing

Here are some examples of emails I have designed and coded.

Goodmart Email
This is one of the emails I did for an email campaign for Goodmart.com. This campaign was from 8/2011 to 11/2011
New Acoustimac Email
After the site redesign it seemed like a good idea to redesign the email template to match, This is the first email on the new template.
Old Acoustimac Email Black
This design came about after the initial Black Friday campaign. The owner liked it so we stuck with it.
Old Acoustimac Email Ecoustimac Brand
Ecoustimac is a brand of Acoustimac Acoustic panels that is eco-friendly. This email was designed to promote the Ecoustimac brand.
Old Acoustimac Mail Orange
This is the general format of the old Acoustimac Email campaign. This was more inline with the old site design.